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Furious police smash window to save distressed dog trapped in 47C hot car

A distressed dog has been rescued from a sweltering hot car by police officers who were forced to smash the vehicle’s window.

An anonymous Samaritan spotted the dehydrated spaniel in the Centre Livingston car park, in Edinburgh, on Friday afternoon and called authorities for help.

A parking ticket placed on the car window revealed the pooch had been trapped inside for 90 minutes, with temperatures reporting around 23C outside.

An online calculator estimates that temperatures inside the car after one hour would be approximately 47C.

The witness told Edinburgh Live: “I’m staggered to believe anyone could be so irresponsible as to leave a dog in a car on a sunny day, windows closed, no water.

“Being a dog owner myself, I was very worried about the dog, and it was obviously hot and distressed.”

The woman said she and her friends put off their afternoon appointments to save the dog, and asked nearby stores to make announcements advising the owner to come forward.

When the owner failed to turn up, they called Police Scotland on 101, who were “absolutely fantastic.”

“They tried to contact the registered vehicle owners, and they checked the car. They eventually smashed the side window to get the dog out of the car,” she explained.

“If the owners were present, they didn’t make themselves known. There was quite the crowd gathered around offering to help and concerned about the dog.”

The woman hopes to raise awareness and educate pet owners on the importance of not leaving dogs in cars.

She added: “It is not safe to leave your dog in the car. Even if you crack the windows, it’s not enough air. Leave your dogs at home if you plan to leave them in the car.”

The following day, the good Samaritan called 101 for an update and was told vets had initially been concerned about the young dog, but it was later given the all-clear.

What to do if you see an animal left unattended in a car in the heat
Call for the owner and alert staff if you’re by a shop

If you see a dog alone in a car during summer, you should first check to see if the owner is nearby.

If you’re near a shop, inform the staff and security, they’ll be able to make a shop-wide announcement to alert the owner.

Call 999

The police have the authority to break a car window to rescue an animal in danger but you should not attempt to gain access to the vehicle as you could be fined for criminal damage or injure the animal inside the car.

Check the doors and inform the police of your intentions

If there’s no alternative, you should first check the doors to see if the car has been left unlocked.

If you do have to break a window to save the animal, make sure you call 999 and let the police know what you’re doing and take photos and videos to clearly record the situation.

You should also note down the license plate number and any witness details.