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It’s the second annual “Back Together Saturday”

The NFL has become very adept at conjuring something out of nothing, especially in the offseason. When nothing is really happening from a football standpoint, but it feels like everything is going on.

Today brings the second annual “Back Together Saturday,” the league’s latest effort to craft a tentpole event that gathers simultaneous eyeballs — and wallets.

We’re not complaining about the concept. The name is a little clunky. And it feels more forced than organic.

Still, football really is back. All camps are open. The slow time has faded into the rear-view mirror. We’ll have plenty of content; since Monday morning, we’ve posted nearly 340 items. There will only be more as camp continues and the preseason begins.

The preseason begins, by the way, in five days. The Hall of Fame game in Canton. Raiders vs. Jaguars. Two days later, a new class enters the Hall of Fame. Then, it’s three weeks of the preseason, the frenzy of roster cuts, and 40 days from now it’s away we go with Bills at Rams and the balance of 18 weeks of regular-season action.

For now, it’s “Back Together Saturday.” Get used to it. Because no one is going anywhere until the Super Bowl in Phoenix.

Other than the 30 teams that won’t make it there, that is.