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Owner desperate to raise £12k to save puppy’s life after horror diagnosis

A heartbroken dog owner is pleading with the public to help save her puppy’s life – but it’s going to cost a huge £12,000.

Laurie Lewis, from Wallsend, North Tyneside, welcomed Truffle the shar-pei into her home earlier this year, then tragedy struck when she was diagnosed with a horror illness.

The nine-month-old pup was born with “one of the worst cases” of hip dysplasia the vet had ever seen, meaning she is unable to go for walks like any normal dog.

Truffle isn’t even a year old and she already has one hip “floating out of [its] socket” and urgently needs several major operations, Daily Star reports.

Laurie has set up a GoFundMe page to raise £8,000 for two hip replacements, plus £4,500 for an operation to fix a grade four luxating patella on her right knee.

Whilst the cost of the treatment is out of reach for Laurie, she is praying that strangers will be able to save her little puppy from death.

Vets have advised her that Truffle will not survive without these operations.

Laurie wrote on the fundraiser: “This is our 9 month old puppy Truffle! She is a lilac and tan shar-pei she’s our whole world.

“She is a playful, gentle, loving little soul who enjoys her walks as much as her naps.

“If you can donate during this hard time to help save Truffle please do, we can’t even put it into words how much it would mean to us and Truffle but if not – a share is just as powerful!”

Laurie has also shared a word of warning to other dog owners, reporting that Truffle isn’t the only one from her litter with medical problems.

She explained: “We found out via social media that Truffle is not the only puppy from her litter to have had these issues.

“We have let the breeder at My Pup Palace know about truffles conditions, she has not contacted me back regarding this.

“If you own one of Truffle’s litter mates or any other puppy from this breeder, please get your pup checked over sooner rather than later.”

Laurie added that she is eager to get the word out about Truffle’s horrible condition.

“Even if we can just get the awareness out there, this alone would give us piece of mind knowing that no other families will have to go through this awful heartbreaking experience,” she said.