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Jerry Jeudy moonlights in the quarterback meeting room

With a new coach in Denver, Broncos receiver Jerry Jeudy needs to learn the new offense. He’s putting in extra time in order to make the transition.

“It’s a lot of new formations, new plays, new schemes and little details you have to make sure you stay in-tune with,” Jeudy told reporters on Friday. “That’s the biggest thing really as a receiver is that you have to know every position as a receiving corps, and just know where to be at and why you’re there at the same time.”

Jeudy explained that his effort to get up to speed includes attending quarterback meetings.

“It helps me a lot,” Jeudy said. “Just sitting in the quarterback room and understanding their language, understanding their thought process and each play to understand which read they’re looking at first against what coverage. [It] really helps me with my route. So I just wanted to go in there and learn as much as I can. The more I learn the better I can get, so that’s what I decided to do.”

Although he didn’t specifically say it, Jeudy’s decision quite possibly was influenced by the presence of quarterback Russell Wilson. His arrival has, as many have said, elevated the organization and inspired everyone to do more than they otherwise would.

For Jeudy, doing more means making time to sit in meetings he’s not required to attend. It’s one of the little things that fit together, one by one, to create big changes for a team that hasn’t done much since winning Super Bowl 50.